Sage Line 50

Keeping records has become very easy due to increase in a number of accounting softwares. KB Accounting Services provides Sage Accounting to small and medium enterprises to enhance your record keeping and reporting system. We provide Sage Accounting Accounting package, install, customize and train your staff on how the software can be used to utilize its importance. Assess whether it is ideal for your business to have the package is free and you can contact us to appreciate your business needs. We customize the software based on your system requirements. We connect your computers on a network so that you fully enjoy the package by accessing the data in the software concurrently.

The benefits of outsourcing the services to us are:

  • Acquire software at the lowest price
  • Acquire strong reporting function in inventory and other records
  • Better estimates and enhanced budgeting for your business
  • Saves cost of preparing accounts since more of the preparation is done by the system
  • Platform for critical decisions based on current financial performance derived at your fingertips
  • Timely review of performance and position