Data Entry

Data is the most crucial element for every organisation. Without which, nothing can be done hence the need to ensure the data accuracy and confidentiality. KB Accounting services provides a cost-effective data entry service. We enter data for your income, expenses, assets and liabilities. We also value data derived from your business development such as collected from researches and surveys. Our services include;

  • Volume data entry
  • Data entry in systems -QuickBooks, Sage Accounting, Tally ERP, Excel etc
  • Off-site data entry and storage for small businesses
  • Checking data accuracy

Captured data affects decision making if not entered into the system. Contact us and have your data entered accurately and quickly at a low cost to enhance quality decision.

Benefits of outsourcing data entry services from us includes;

  1. Quality data at competitive cost advantage
  2. Reduced demand for other infrastructural  such hardware and maintenance where your data for your business is entered and kept off-site
  3. Accurate data checked at each level

If you loose data, you have lost your business. If your data is not accurate, your business can not be accurate.