Financial and cash flow Analysis

Financial and cash flow are two aspects that pulls the success of a business towards different angles. The fact that profit is not equal to cash gives a room for consultancy to asses the two elements separately. We analysis your performance through the use of ratios, theories and models and advise on what areas which needs improvement. We analyse your business to see areas such as:

  1. Whether your business is profitable or not- If a business is not profitable we advise areas where you need to improve to be making profits.
  2. Whether your business has enough assets or not . This include how you are using your assets in your business. We provide tactics of using your available assets profitably
  3. Whether your business has adequate resources to pay off debts to suppliers and other lending institutions or not
  4. Whether your business is using the resources available effectively.
  5. Whether your business has a good capital composition or not.

By outsourcing financial analysis to KB Accounting Services you are making a path for your business. We appreciate how business can use finances available in a positive manner.

KB Accounting Services provides cash flow analysis services to help your business appreciate where cash is coming from and what it is used for.

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