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In the recent years, small and medium enterprises have faced a number of challenges and below is a summary of those challenges.

  • Inadequate Hiring Process
  • Poor Planning and inefficiency in hiring
  • No contracts, or contracts without necessary information or requirements
  • Lack of referral book or out dated handbook.
  • Noncompliance on payroll resulting in offences.
  • Poor Human Resource Management
  • Substandard Monitoring of employees
  •  Lack of Employee Training
We believe that management of R functions is the core of meeting objectives

Businesses with an ambition to grow and succeed focus much on core business activities and outsource the HR and recruitment part to attain optimal returns without necessarily incurring more funds. Much as research shows that accounting system impacts on the growth of an entity, we must put it right that the systems are run by people and there should be ‘right person and the right place and the right time’.

At KB Accounting Services, we believe that a business should acquire a team with Skills, innovations and resilience and not having a team of staff who can be performing robotic tasks. Business should learn to train employees and equip them with the skills to undertake their tasks.

  1. Recruitment Services.
Right person at the right place and the right time

 This is a critical part of your company and need extra care when handling. ‘Success of your business depends on the people you hire’. There is no short cut for hiring staff. Our services on recruitment include;

  • Advertising
  • CV filtering
  • Telephone screening
  • Interview & Offer Management
  • Reference Checking
  • Training/Induction
  • Payroll Management Services.

Our payroll services are complete and we ensure compliance. It’s a service that harmonizes employers, employees and statutory requirements without compromising laws yet

at cost-saving level. This helps employers to minimize conflict between them and government and between them and employees.

The Management include:

  • Registration employees for Payroll Tax
  • Preparation of Payroll
  • Management of statutory deductions such as Payroll Tax, Tevet Levy, Pensions and Life Cover.
  • Payroll Tax Returns
  • Advisory on payroll statutory requirements.
  • Responding payroll statutory requirements on behalf of a client.
  • Developing Employee handbook/ HR Policy.
Do you have an employee hand book? is it updated? We believe every an outdated policy affect your organisation from the inside out

Most enterprises ranging from small to large do not maintain employee’s handbook and others use outdated handbooks. This is risk because employees are the ones handling your resources. Handbooks draws attention of the employee as to what is right and wrong. It is a by law and should not conflict with labour relations laws. At KB Accounting Services, we are proving the following;

  • Developing, revisiting HR Policies and procedures
  • Analysing current HR policies and procedures
  • Training staff on specific HR programmes to enhance productivity
  • Drafting Contracts.

An employee is an asset and need the sure his/her rights are protected. He/she need to be aware before he commences working for your company. An employee is already protected by labour laws and specific agreement should be made known in the employment contract. In line with labour laws of Malawi, an employee should know

  • Job Position
  • Date to start
  • Site/Area
  • Number of working hours
  • Salary
  • Probation period (This is optional since some companies do not provide. Nature of contract also determines the need)
  • Benefits
  • Code of conduct
  • Termination of contract
An employee should sign a well crafted contract contract before commencement of work

As an organisation, you should make sure that employees have contracts and that all necessary items are included in the contract

  • HR Consultancy & Advisory

Fun fact, People define your company or organisation from your employees. Thus makes it an important area to prioritise. A successful company/organisation is defined by the blood that runs through the veins of the company, employees. Outsourcing the service makes it much easier to attain your objectives and distinguishes you from your competitors.  Our services include:

  • Employee Management.

Talented, skilled and resilient staff cannot be the same for long unless if they are well managed to maintain and catapult their state. This process starts from the time you are recruiting the staff.

  • HR functions management

For attainment of goals, you should have HR functions which happens to efficient and effective. This should be optimised. We are set help you set a functional HR team that will enhance your systems.

  • Behaviour Change Management

This is one important piece of the HR Service. You should have systems designed to change and improve performance that meets your goals. We help in design systems to help you identify, acquire, maintain and improve talent of your employees.

At KB Accounting Services, you can outsource HR services and intensify your growth.

Quick fact, your organisation is run by individuals be it at Junior level, middle level or senior level. How they are committed and dedicated will decide where your company/organisation will be in months and years to come.

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