Sage 50 Line Accounting Package


KB Accounting Services has been providing training in small and medium enterprises staffs and students for the past two years and our course outline for the package has proved to be successful. We have trained individuals working in different industries as Assistant Accountants, Bookkeepers, Credit Controllers and Accounts Payable Managers and on many other respectable positions. We have our unique approach to the training and this gives as confidence that every candidate who comes at the door of our training is isolated from the rest. Our training are hands-on and participatory which enables trainees to focus on grasping the stuff.

After completion of the training, trainees are provided with study materials and Certificate of completion. 

The training are:

  1. Work place training-We train your staff on how to use the package. The training for staff is also a refresher to those already using the package but need some skills to exit the exile of using guess-tap in other circumstances at work which is risk at work. You can contact us to train your staff to effectively use the package
  2. Workshops/Arranged Trainings– KB Accounting Services arranges trainings to equip students and workers with the skills needed to excel in the modern technological world. The trainings are cost effective and attending is part of gaining required skills for the benefit of yourself.
  3. Individual training-At certain circumstances, people may book for a training in sage line 50 accounts. We deliver the best regardless of the size of audience. We have part-time and full time trainers who are always hungry for provision of trainings

The benefits of being trained by KB Accounting Services include;

  1. Acquire quality training at low cost
  2. Sage is made simple through the participatory approach
  3. Easy recognition since KB Accounting Services is a name remembered by many
  4. Helps you on how best you can simplify your work
  5. Adding advantage on your resume- You acquire skills required and it enhances approaches and responding mechanisms on interviews

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