HR Consultancy & Recruitment Services

In the recent years, small and medium enterprises have faced a number of challenges and below is a summary of those challenges.

  • Inadequate Hiring Process
  • Poor Planning and inefficiency in hiring
  • No contracts, or contracts without necessary information or requirements
  • Lack of referral book or out dated handbook.
  • Noncompliance on payroll resulting in offences.
  • Poor Human Resource Management
  • Substandard Monitoring of employees
  • Lack of Employee Training

Businesses with an ambition to grow and succeed focus much on core business activities and outsource the HR and recruitment part to attain optimal returns without necessarily incurring more funds. Much as research shows that accounting system impacts on the growth of an entity, we must put it right that the systems are run by people and there should be ‘right person and the right place and the right time’.