2020 comes with a New Service-HR Consultancy & Recruitment Services. Free in January

Happy New year to everyone whereever you are. As we said good-bye to 2019 0n 31st December 2019, it has been a great year since it’s the year we have dealt with local and international clients on Payroll and recruitment of some of their staff. Payroll Service was part of our Accounting services package. However, having provided payroll to local and international clients, and the need to ensure our clients are fully covered, KB Accounting Services is proud to announce the introduction of HR Consultancy and Recruitment Services as a standalone service.

In the recent years, small and medium enterprises has faced a number of challenges and below is a summary of those challenges.

  • Inadequate Hiring Process
  • Poor Planning and inefficiency in hiring
  • No contracts, or contracts whithout necessary information or requirements
  • Lack of referral book or out dated handbook.
  • Noncompliance on payroll resulting in offences.
  • Poor Human Resource Management
  • Substandard Monitoring of employees
  •  Lack of Employee Training

The above listed are some of the challenges we have noted through our interractions and engagements with clients in the past years and 2019 in particular. Much as research shows that accounting system impacts on the growth of an entity, we must put it right that the systems are run by people and there should be ‘right person and the right place and the right time’.

2020 should be the year we should realize the value of Skills, innovations and resilience and not having a team of staff who can be performing robotic tasks. Business should learn to train employees and equip them with the skills to undertake their tasks.

To respond to the challenges mentioned above, our HR Consultancy & Recruitment Services includes the following:

  1. Recruitment Services. This is a critical part of your company and need extra care when handling. ‘Success of your business depends on the people you hire’. There is no short cut for hiring staff. Our services on recruitment include;
  • CV filtering
  • Telephone screening
  • Interview & Offer Management
  • Reference Checking
  • Training/Induction
  • Payroll Services. Our payroll services are complete and we ensure compliance. Its a service that harmonizes employers, employees and statutory requirements without compromising laws yet

at cost-saving level. This helps employers to minimize conflict between them and government and between them and employees.

  • Developing Employee handbook/ HR Policy . We have noted that most small and medium enterprises do not maintain employees handbook and others use outdated handbooks. This is risk because employees are the ones handling your resources. Handbooks draws attention of the employee as to what is right and wrong. It is a by law and should not conflict with labour relations laws. In Addition this include
  • Developing, revisiting HR Policies and procedures
  • Analyzing current HR policies and procedures
  • Training staff on specific HR programmes to enhance productivity
  • Drafting Contracts: 2019 was exciting. We have come accross companies being in conflict withemployees in obvious issues such deduction of Pay As You Earn. Sounds Fun? Yes you heard us right. The contract being a mess without even mentioning about compliance. Taking it from there your employees contracts can be drafted by us or let us review your contracts before you get into trouble.
  • HR Consultancy & Advisory : Are you stranded and dont know where to start? Our team isequiped with expertise to help out on how best to go.

All in all, the service has landed at the right time when human resource is not scarce but suitability lays in the choice for selecting, preserving and maintaining. The full detailed section will be on our website Mid-January 2020 and we hope you will enjoy the service.

The good news is that all these services are FREE in January 2020 and you can unsubscribe come 1st February 2020 if you are not satisfied with the service you have selected.

Remember our Services now include:

  1. Accounting Services
  • Taxation Services
  • HR Consultancy & Recruitment services
  • Accounting Softwares
  • Bookkeeping Services
  • Trainings

Contact us the following numbers:

WhatsApp: +265888295137

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Cell: 0997241351/0888295137

Email: info@kbaccountingmw.com

Or visit our website: www.kbaccountingmw.com

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